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We Believe that Everyone Deserves to Retire Well

Manley Capital Management provides responsible private wealth management services to investors seeking capital appreciation, balanced with risk management and a focus on preserving capital. 

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are a fiduciary that must always act in the client's best interest and eliminate any conflicts of interest, and as a CFA Charterholder we are bound by the highest ethical standards.

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Author: "Win by not Losing: How to Overcome Wall Street, Uncle Sam and Human Nature to Reach Your Investment Goals and Retire Well." (March 2022 expected release).

A message from our founder.

I am a registered investment advisor with more than twenty-five years of value investing experience. I have always had a passion for investing and have been lucky enough to spend my career managing investment portfolios for pension funds, endowments, and high-net-worth families. Today, I use my institutional experience and knowledge to help individuals reach their financial goals.

Whether it is an improved living standard, building a family or charitable legacy, or just having the peace of mind that retirement will be comfortable and secure - Everyone wants to retire well. In my experience, there are two significant obstacles that must be overcome to reach your investment goals – Wall Street and Human Nature. As a private wealth manager, I help individuals overcome these obstacles and Retire Well.

For investors who believe that interest rates are too low, the stock market can be too volatile, and Wall Street doesn’t always put their interests first, I created an investment strategy, which finds the lowest-cost, lowest-risk way to meet your financial goals.

  • We grow your wealth by building portfolios that perform well in all economic environments, reducing volatility, and preserving capital in bear markets.
  • Unlike Wall Street’s “Traditional Blend” (a portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds), our investment strategy is diversified and economically balanced, which reduces risk while maintaining reward. Additionally, we capitalize on market inefficiencies (value, size, quality, and momemtum) and risk-weight our investments to enhance returns and manage risk.

I founded Manley Capital Management, LLC to employ a disciplined, institutional investment process to overcome these investment obstacles and partner with clients to grow their savings in a responsible manner that is simple yet sophisticated.

How to Get Started

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We discuss your situation, goals, objectives, experiences, and concerns, to understand what is most important to you.

Get a FREE “Investing for Retirement Plan”

When can you retire? What is your optimal level of portfolio risk and how much risk is currently in your portfolio? How can you get more return while taking less risk?

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If you don’t want to "DIY", we will create the lowest-cost, lowest-risk portfolio to reach your goals, so you can Retire Well.

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