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J. Lawrence Manley, Jr., CFA, CIPM

Hi, my name is J. Lawrence Manley, Jr., CFA  and welcome to Manley Capital Management.  In the next few minutes you are going to discover how investors can retire comfortably and secure. 

We publish a free weekly report -- The Value Investor's Market Review -- that shows you how to avoid investing's major obstacles and retire comfortably and secure.  You'll receive information that shows why you really can have financial security and peace of mind.

Our Mission: To Help Investors Reach Their Financial Goals By Educating, And Analyzing The Important Investing Topics From The Perspective Of An Experienced Value Investor.

J. Lawrence Manley, Jr., CFA

In Our Free Weekly Market Report, You Learn How to ...
  • Maintain or Improve your Lifestyle in Retirement
  • Avoid Common Investing Mistakes and Stop Worrying About Running Out of Money
  • Overcome Investing's Major Obstacles -Wall Street and Human Nature
  •  Achieve Financial Security and Peace of Mind